Our Story

"Warmth of a Mother's Womb"

It all started as a harmless hobby of creating beautiful things with a skein of yarn and a hook. The very first project we did at Wool Womb was a Baby beanie, since then we haven’t stopped. Starting with just one person Wool Womb is now evolving and reaching out to the Makers of India. Every maker weaves love and care into each product.
The motto is to create top quality products using the best quality raw materials. Everything is made in limited quantity so that every piece becomes a classic memory in  your collection.
Apart from being a creative platform, Wool Womb is also trying to act responsibly and reduce its carbon footprint by packing every order into recycled or recyclable mailers. We are trying to reduce the usage of Papers, Plastic bags and Tapes. From branding to shipping labels everything is done by hands. Wool Womb is about weaving magic into everything that we make.

Crochet Hook